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Timeline = graphic design showing events along a period of time.

Timelines help us visualize developments over time. Here are some examples of timelines on the web and how to make your own timeline for presentations.

From the pandemic declaration to the fall surge, here’s a timeline of Covid-19 in the US

Elsewhere on the Web
Download Timeline from GitHub
New Zealand disasters timeline
A Simple Guide to Westworld’s Multiple Timelines – Slate
The James Comey Saga, In Timeline Form – NPR
Extinction of Newspapers (PDF)


Translation Request: ‘If I follow you and you retweet someone, that person’s tweet ends up in my timeline.’
Spanish: ‘Si yo te sigo en twitter y tu retuiteas a otra persona, el twit de era person aparece en la lista de twitter que yo veo’
German: “Wenn ich dir auf Twitter folge und du etwas von einer anderen Person retweetest, dann erscheint der Tweet dieser Person auch auf meiner Timeline.”
Swedish: “Om jag följer dig och du retweetar något, så hamnar denna persons tweet på min tidslinje.”
Afrikaans: As ek jou op Twitter volg en jy antwoord ‘n persoon se tweet, dan verskyn daardie persoon se tweet in my tydlyn

Timeline of extinctions
Floating timeline


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