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Academic = Scholar in a college or institute of higher education

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Translating: Amid global crisis, how can universities be regenerated to serve the common good?
Spanish: En medio de la crisis mundial, ¿cómo se pueden regenerar las universidades para que sirvan al bien común?
German: Wie können Universitäten inmitten einer globalen Krise regeneriert werden, um dem Gemeinwohl zu dienen?

We get a lot of requests for interviews with students and educators. We ask that the conversation take place not only via email but along multiple channels on the social web, including blogs, Facebook, Flickr and Twitter.

Status Quo

Paint a picture of academia, and it would be a mosaic of the bad, the good, and the beautiful.

On the upside, there are people doing wonderful work and making it meaningful for locals and insiders and accessible to the interested public. I call this beautiful.

On the downside, many of the papers are boring, inaccessible and expensive.

Educators have long used Planeta.com as a deep resource but few have provided much feedback; our view – educators have used this site and others as a virtual sandbox to send students.

Often digital natives are using tools that are not synced with traditional classroom delivery.

We have the opportunity to take the fragmented or poorly documented research and make it useful.

We have the opportunity to work with locals, listen to locals — how do we show this now, in more or less real time?

Conversation Starters
making research open access
developing collaborative projects
policies on citing unpublished manuscripts
Do locals have a say in how the programs are developed?
What are the policies regarding giving presentations at conferences?

Define ‘academic’ – note how often we lessen the term using it as times to refer to things not with practical relevance, of only theoretical interest.

Developing a conversation online and offline

To be developed

Vampire Disciplines
“These new disciplines are parasitic on existing bodies of knowledge and tend to justify themselves in terms of critique, deconstruction, contextualism, discourse analysis and other approaches that don’t add very much to the total sum of knowledge a society or civilisation possesses about itself.” – Eduardo de la Fuente in ‘Vampires latch on to learning

Developing a Code of Conduct for Students and Educators
To be developed

Embedded Tweets

List of research universities in the United States


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