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Acoma Sky City

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The oldest continuously inhabited community in the United States is Acoma Sky City, home to the Pueblo of Acoma. Residents provide tours of the settlement on the 367-foot tall mesa, about 20 miles south of Interstate 40 and half-way between Albuquerque and Gallup.

The Sky City Cultural Center and Haak’u Museum preserve Acoma traditions while providing insight into the unique history of the Acoma Pueblo. The Acoma tribe has lived in the pueblo since 1150 AD. Acoma Pueblo is a National Historic Landmark.

Currently closed due to Covid. Normally guided tours are held every hour on the half hour, beginning at 9:30am and last tour at 3:30pm. There is an admission fee which includes a camera permit, though photography is restricted. Tip – Call ahead to confirm hours and dates of operation: 800-747-0181.

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Third Sunday in September – Tour de Acoma – tourdeacoma.com – is a 100, 50 and 25-mile bike challenge. The bike tour covers some of the most breathtaking lands on the Acoma and Laguna Pueblo reservations and offers a rare opportunity to ride through normally restricted tribal lands. 2021 date: September 12. Facebook

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