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After the pandemic


After the pandemic, there are places I want to visit – some as return journeys, others as first-time encounters.

Translating: After the pandemic, where would you like to travel and who would you like to visit?
Spanish: Después de la pandemia, ¿a dónde te gustaría viajar y a quién te gustaría visitar?

Bears Ears


After the pandemic, it would be great to revisit friends in Ecuador
Después de la pandemia, sería genial volver a visitar amigos en #Ecuador

In May the New Mexico city of Gallup (Naʼnízhoozhí) is closed to outsiders for a few days due to COVID19/Coronavirus. Highway exits have been blocked. We are hoping that things return to new and visitable normal in time for the Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial in August. Also, we want to visit Kialo and family with Navajo Tours USA.

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