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Photo: Steve Bridger, After Wilma

One of our favorite groups on Flickr is After Wilmaflickr.com/groups/afterwilma — created by Colibri Winner Steve Bridger to show recovery efforts after Hurricane Wilma (2005).

Key Links
Blogging a Crisis

From the Flickr about page:
Photos of Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean (Riviera Maya) after Hurricane Wilma struck on 21 October 2005. I’m not really looking for images of the hurricane itself, nor the immediate aftermath…but rather photos which show how the region is re-building, and getting back on its feet after the storm.

Ron Mader’s 2009 Response
Visiting Cancun this very week, I am struck by the damage that is still visible. When afterwilma debuted, I like many others felt an affinity to the people afflicted by the hurricane. Like you, I thought there was that the window of opportunity was blown open by the storm and that perhaps we’d hear the story first-hand from municipal, state and federal authorities.

The blog coincided with the rise of social media, showing how Flickr could truly be used in a collective manner. The photos were awesome and told a powerful story of crisis and recovery. (source)


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