Poster: Ron Mader, Agnotology

If we haven’t already entered the era of dumb, it certainly feels like we’re hurtling toward it. – Antony Funnell 

Hosted by Funnell, Radio National’s Future Tense is one of our favorite podcasts and comes from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Without fail keeps ahead of the curve week after week. The show is smart and confident enough to kick off 2017 with an exploration of agnotology, the study of ignorance. The neologism was coined by Robert N. Proctor interviewed for this program.

Key points from the conversation:

00:50 What is the study of ignorance called? 03:00 More people were studying knowledge, but no one was studying ignorance. 04:10 Ignorance is deliberately manufactured. Example of Harvard/Cigarette industry … 06:00 NFL Concussion 07:00 Responsible Journalism … Not balancing truth with lies 07:35 Balance … 08:00 Confuse open-mindedness with indecision … 08:15 The Earth is not flat … 11:00 Journalism has always been scattershot 13:00 You’ve learned at least two new terms

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