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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intelligence exhibited by machines

Who’s working on this?

Questions = Preguntas

  • How do you translate ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in other languages? Bonus points for Indigenous languages during the International Decade of Indigenous Languages. = ¿Cómo se traduce ‘Inteligencia Artificial’ en otros idiomas? Bonus points para lenguas indígenas.

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Recommended Listening
Monday, January 23, 2023 — Indigenous interactions with artificial intelligence – You already interact with artificial intelligence when you ask Siri for directions or create an algorithmic path by thumbing through TikTok videos. But AI is fast becoming a place for individual—and corporate—creativity and technology. That brings up a lot of questions about copyright protections for Native creatives and worries about appropriation. Today on Native America Calling, we look at how it all works with Michael Running Wolf (Lakota and Cheyenne), a Ph.D student studying computer science and a language advocate using AI; Amelia Winger-Bearskin (Seneca-Cayuga Nation of Oklahoma), artist, technologist, and the Banks endowed chair and associate professor of artificial intelligence and the arts at the Digital Worlds Institute at the University of Florida; Dr. Jason Edward Lewis (Hawaiian, Samoan), university research chair in Computational Media and the Indigenous Future Imaginary at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada; and Suzanne Kite (Oglala Lakota), artist and organizer of the group Indigenous AI.

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With Stable Diffusion, you may never believe what you see online again


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