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The oasis of Al-Ahsa in eastern Saudi Arabia became the kingdom’s fifth UNESCO World Heritage site in 2018.

The nomination of the Al-Ahsa Oasis Cultural Landscape as a World Heritage site was accepted at the World Heritage Committee meeting, #42WHC.

Al-Ahsa is a traditional oasis historical region in eastern Saudi Arabia whose name is used by the Al-Ahsa Governorate, which makes up much of that country’s Eastern Province. The oasis is located about 60 km inland from the coast of the Persian Gulf.

Al-Ahsa is the gateway between the Gulf and the Indian sub-continent, as it was and still a land port that connects the Kingdom with other Gulf states including UAE, Qatar, and Oman.

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UNESCO: Al-Ahsa Province is located in the Eastern region, 360 km from Riyadh, and 150 km from Dammam.

Al-Ahsa is the greenest place in eastern Saudi Arabia where more than 1.5 million and date palms grow. On the banks of this oasis of intense agricultural work with abundance of water and fresh water springs, characterized with the advantage that led to the derivation of its name, which is the large number of water springs (Hesi). Some of natural springs reached international fame, including Al-Johariyah, Um Sab’a, Al-Khdood, Al-Harra, and Um Deli Ain Najm.

Al- Ahsa is the Gateway to the Arabian Peninsula to the outside world and a communication bridge of between the Gulf and the Indian sub-continent, as it was and still a land port that connects the Kingdom with other Gulf states like: UAE, Qatar and Oman, where pilgrims caravans crossed from these countries to the Holy land.

Al-Ahsa was and still is one of the richest areas of groundwater sources, it is one of the best tourist destinations where its green plateaus with its farms and palms constitute a living garden amid a sea of sand; as a result of the large number of water springs that flowed naturally and profusely from more than 162 springs between warm, hot and cold water. It also occupies large areas of palms more than three million palm trees spread over 10,000 hectares of agricultural land producing the best types of dates in the world, add this to production of Ahsa’ie rice and various fruits and vegetables.

Location: Al-Ahsa occupies a large area in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula, from the North Abqaiq province, from the east of the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Salwa, from the south the Empty Quarter and western desert of Dahna. Al-Ahsa is privileged with a distinct geographic location, it is considered the land port that connects the Kingdom to the Gulf countries, the distance from the State of Qatar 150 km and from Dammam 150 km and from the capital Riyadh 328 kilometers, showing the importance of Al-Ahsa as a mediated distance from Riyadh or Dammam to neighboring Gulf countries, witnessing constant convoys of cars coming from Oman, the UAE and Qatar heading to cities across the the Kingdom and in particular Makkah and Medina.

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