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Screenshot: 2021 Webinar

Anna Spenceley is a tourism expert with more than 20 years international experience and an extensive publication record, rich diversity of project experience, an international network of associates with whom she collaborates.

She is the founder STAND, a boutique consultancy company specializing in meeting the development needs of international organizations addressing sustainability agendas.

She is also the head of the IUCN Tourism Group, TAPAS.

Virtual Book Launch events: Handbook for Sustainable Tourism Practitioners: The Essential Toolbox


2020: The COVID-19 pandemic impact on nature based tourism

This presentation was made to the Global Environment Facility’s COVID-19 Response Task Force on 1 September 2020. This Task Force session aimed to discuss the impacts of the pandemic on nature tourism, with a focus on Africa. I was invited to speak about impacts globally, and in Africa as context for their discussions. The video also shares information about how tourism sectors are emerging, and resources to guide doing so safely, and sustainably. I share the video in the hope that the contents will be useful to others too.


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