What would locals like others know about Asia? Presenting relevant links in a somewhat random fashion:

Google Debuts New Traveler Demand Tools for Hotels and Destinations Starting in Asia
Presentations From Responsible Tourism Events At ITB Asia 2015
Philippines Eyes ‘Ecotourism Zone’ in Disputed S. China Sea
Asia 2014 – Transitions Abroad
The Legacy Of The Asia Overland Route

A group of enthusiastic researchers from Southeast Asia countries who come along to work and support each other to explore the research world.

Southeast Asia Research Academy


Recommended listening: Asia Overland – adventures on the hippie trail
The infamous ‘hippie trail’ was the overland route forged through Asia in the early 1970s by young travellers in search of something else – adventure, drugs, or spiritual enlightenment. We explore the trail through the voices and stories of those who were there – a group of rebel Australians who threw caution and suburban upbringings to the wind, packed their duffle bags with little more than maps, sarongs and sandals, and headed into the heart of Asia.

Bay of Bengal
brink-of-brine – Peepli

Indigenous Peoples of Asia

Elsewhere on the Web
Asia for Visitors
Asia Tourism Research
Lonely Planet – Asia
Tales of Asia
Wild Asia

Community Based Tourism Central Asia – @travelfish
Asia Education Foundation
Beauty at a price – Joe Cummings/New Statesman
Taipei – Wikipediai

Spotlight on the Asean Heritage Parks

2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami
Nine-dash line

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