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The Asian Ecotourism Network (AEN)asianecotourism.org – provides hands-on connections and relevant opportunities for members working together at a regional scale providing more networking and business opportunities, significant information, educational materials and networking prospects to both small and large organizations within Asia.

With 17 member countries and growing, AEN is a regional initiative of the Global Ecotourism Network (GEN), sharing a common mission to connect and network for sustainability. Based in Thailand, the organization is thankful with the initial support of the Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (DASTA), a Thai public organization.

Key Links

2022 Summit


2021 Rethinking Tourism

The Asian Ecotourism Network released its first annual report titled ‘Rethinking Ecotourism” highlighting its efforts to bring together ecotourism constituents and practitioners from across the Asia Pacific region. The report comes after AEN’s virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on January 6, 2021. It features key achievements in a year overwhelmed by the pandemic that restricted travels and events but boosted networking and collaborations (remotely) across the region as each of us worked from the comfortable corners of our homes across Asia and the Pacific. Download in PDF format.

Declaration of Indigenous Peoples


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