Atlatl = Spear-throwing tool that uses leverage to achieve greater velocity.

Valley of Fire State Park hosts the annual World Atlatl Competition Weekend with events March 17-18 at the Atlatl Rock picnic area 55 miles northeast of Las Vegas.

The atlatl, a predecessor of the bow and arrow, was used thousands of years ago by hunters as both a big game hunting tool and weapon.

Cave drawings and stone projectile points show that atlatls were used from 20,000 years ago, predating the bow and arrow by tens of thousands of years.

Atlatl Competition, Valley of Fire State Park @ Nevada 03.2014

@NevStateParks @TravelNevada @stateparksUSA This Atlatl Competition Photo Needs a Caption, Valley of Fire State Park @ Nevada 03.2014

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The World Atlatl Association welcomes as members anyone who is interested in the atlatl, an ancient hunting weapon, and who agrees with the objectives of the association which was founded in 1987


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Pros and Cons of hunting with an atlatl versus hunting with the bow and arrow@StateMuseumPA

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