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New video: Conversatorio. La tradición alfarera en Santa María Atzompa, en voz de sus artesanas (Conversation. The pottery tradition in Santa María Atzompa, in the voice of its artisans)

The pottery tradition in Santa María Atzompa has a long history. Its beginnings can be traced back to times in countless pieces of elaborate clay by the Zapotec families of the past. In this sense, archeology has provided important information on the manufacture and uses of these pieces, which, in turn, gives us an account of the worldview, economy, social stratification and other aspects of Zapotec life.

At present, the work of the artisan families of Santa María Atzompa is immersed in a process of diversification and specialization. Innovative and artistic expressions abound; trends are updated, new elements are added both in materials and in iconography; and you can see groups specialized in the extraction of clay, modeling or cooking; at the same time that the production of traditional pieces persists and the booming emergence of local artists.

In this context, it is urgent to detonate discussions that allow us to reflect on these processes, with the aim of having an approach to their deepest dynamics. Counting on the reflections of the social actors as a starting point enriches the discussion, since it starts from the direct experience of those who lead these processes. How has the recent process of change in the experience been of the pottery sector? What elements are integrated and which are discarded in the ceramic production process? With what phenomena on a global scale is the process of change and diversification described above? How important is it for women artisans?
These are questions that are posed for the exploration of the processes in Santa María Atzompa.

Questions = Preguntas

  • What are the protocols for visiting artisan workshops? = ¿Cuáles son los protocolos para visitar talleres artesanales?
  • Is there public transportation to Atzompa? = ¿Hay transporte público a Atzompa?
  • Are Atzompa cercamics available to purchase online from the artisans? = ¿Están los cercamics de Atzompa disponibles para comprar online a los artesanos?


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