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Announcing the new Waterview Shared Path which connects communities from Waterview to Mt Roskill with a network of cycleways to destinations all over the city.

The Waterview Shared Path also joins the popular Northwestern Cycleway which will take you directly into the city, along Te Ara I Whiti, the Lightpath, and down to Auckland’s waterfront. Or head out to Henderson and the foothills of the Waitakere ranges via Twin Streams.

The path is a great new way to get to work, study, and public transport in the area. It links up to the newly-built Southwestern Pathway and, by early 2019, will link to the New Lynn to Avondale Shared Path.

Following Te Auaunga – Oakley Creek, the off-road shared path is a great way to access local facilities, reserves, shops, parks and playgrounds.

The project started in March 2016 and was completed October 6, 2017.

The decision to build Waterview Shared Path results from a 2011 decision by the Waterview Connection Board of Inquiry to provide local connections for communities. Following that decision, AT has investigated options, reached agreements with some of the affected property owners and developed a design for the path.

The Well-Connected Alliance built the path, starting from the site of Alford Street Bridge.

Māori Connections

Each bridge has a large carved pou whenua (land post) or waka maumahara (memorial pillar).

AT has specially sourced the Tōtara for the pou at the Te Piringa and Soljak bridges. The wood was originally extracted from a swamp on the South Island’s West Coast.

Other Māori design elements have been incorporated into the bridges and Māori artworks appear at various locations along the shared path, including kōhatu (carved rocks).

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