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Roofdog: Who is your audience? (Some rights reserved)

Audience = the assembled spectators or listeners at a public event

Translating: Who is your audience?
Spanish: ¿Quién es tu audiencia?
French: Quel est votre public?
German: Wer ist Ihr Publikum?


Who is your audience? When? In what version – face-to-face, website, video? Online we can begin to track numbers as well as build toward a better informed and engaged public.

As to your audience – listen, respond, and engage with them.

How do we get this audience to care? By evolving / maturing yourself. By showing what matters. By pointing out possibilities.

What we say to the timid: Be true to yourself. Ask good questions. When you learn something, share. Be a lifelong learner – even when it’s challenging.


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