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Austin’s Blue Index


Austin, TexasBlue Indexfacebook.com/blueindexaustin – is participatory research project designed to gather feedback on 30+ waterscapes through capturing people’s emotional response to water and photography.

Blue Index markers are next to the most treasured water sources around town — from Lady Bird Lake to Big Stacey and Pease Park.

Find a station, scan the QR code, send a picture, and answer a few questions. Prizes for people who visit more than 5 spots.

University of Texas: As of July 2018, 1,715 photos accompanied by observations of water health, wildlife, vegetation, and emotional response have been collected. The majority of respondents reported feeling a sense of interest, joy, or serenity when next to a body of water.

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  • Is there a directory of stations?
  • Are there public walks or meetups?
  • Who is writing or tweeting about the index?

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