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Even a drongo can use a dongle!

Traveler Tip: If you are uncertain about a particular expression or word, just say, ‘Hang on a moment, I’m not quite sure what you’re on about.’

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Top Faves: Waddaya reckon?
Arvo = Afternoon

As fit as a mallee bull = Very strong

Back of Bourke = Any remote outback area (Macquarie Dictionary)

Banana Bender = Person from Queensland

Barbecue stopper = Controversial topic of conversation, a social gaffe

Barrack = To shout encouragement for a player or team

Big Ask = To request an unreasonably large favor

Billabong = Smallish lake formed when the river path changes, leaving a branch with a dead end. Also called an oxbow lake

Biro = Ballpoint pen

Blinder = Excellent performance

Blower = Telephone

Bludger = Lazy person

Bogan = unrefined or unsophisticated person

Boilover = Upset (in sports)

Boots and all = Making every effort; with no holds barred

Bunghole = Mouth (feed that into your bunghole)

Bush tucker = Indigenous animals and plants

Chook = Chicken

Chunder = To vomit


Cracker = Something great!

Cracking = Great

Damp squib = Event which people think will be exciting but which is disappointing when it happens

Devo = Devastated

(The) Ditch = Tasmanian Sea

Dongle = USB Wi-Fi Thumbdrive

Drongo = Idiot

Drover = Herder

Fair dinkum = True

Flash = Ostentatious or showy

Flat out = Busy

Front bench = ?

Full on = Intense

Furphy = False or unreliable rumor (listen to Hindsight)

Galah = Fool, silly person. Named after the bird of the same name.

G’day 友達

Ginger = Red-head

Gumsucker = Person from Victoria

Hard yakka = Hard work

Hinterland = Countryside, backcountry; satellite urban/rural areas within 60-90 minute drive of metro areas

Humpy = Rough bush shelter

Jersey = Wool sweater

Killing the pig = Catching a lot of fish

Lurgy = Flu or cold, often described as the dreaded lurgy

Mate =

Mate’s rate = Free (or at least cheaper than full price)

Mateship = Deep friendship

Minimum Chips = Scoop of potato chips (Lifematters, RN)

Mob = Group

Mongrel =

Mossie = Mosquito

Mouth organ = Harmonica

MP = Member of Parliament


No dramas = No worries

No wuz! = No worries

Not wrong = I agree emphatically

Nut out = To work through

Oz = Australia

Piece of Piss = Easy

Pissup = A gathering where a lot of alcohol is consumed

Pub Test =

Pulling up stumps = Moving house, changing address

Punter = Passenger

Push bike = Bike

Rat Run = To take a shortcut through back streets to avoid traffic lights or tollways (queensland)

Ratbag http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/bigideas/a-call-for-us-all-to-embrace-our-inner-ratbag/6889214

Ready = Cash in hand

Reckon = To think

Ripsnorter = Something that is really great

Root = To have sex

Rubbity-dub = Pub (also shortened to rubbity)

Send ‘er down Hughie = Make it rain

She’ll be right = Everything will be okay

Sherbet = Alcoholic drink

Shout = To buy a round of drinks; to pay for something for another person.

Snag = Sausage

Spit the dummy = To lost one’s temper (‘dummy’ is a pacifier)

Stoush = A brawl

Straya = Australia

Stroppy = Grumpy (Australia: are we the stroppy nation?)

Stubby Holder = Insulated holder for beer cans and bottles

Strewth = An exclamation expressing surprise

Stuff up = Blunder

Tacker = Child (young tacker)

Tall poppy syndrome = Tendency to criticize successful people

Territory Rig

Toey = very nervous (‘I’m a bit toey about this’)

Under the pump = under pressure

Vegemite = Black paste with a salty taste best spread lightly on toast

White-anting = To subvert or undermine from within


Witchetty grub = Large, white larvae of several moths used as food

More Faves
Abattoir = Slaughterhouse

Balanda = European descent

Built like a brick shithouse =

Clean skin = Bottled wine that does not carry a label or any other identifying marks

Cotton Wool =

Crack the sads = To get very annoyed

Cracked the shits =

Dobber = Informant

Double_dissolution = Procedure permitted under the Australian Constitution to resolve deadlocks between the House of Representatives and the Senate.


Flat out like a lizard drinking = Busy (We’re inviting everyone who isn’t flat out like a lizard drinking to join us.)

Flog = To sell something

Goodonya cobba!

Gunna = Going to (‘I’m gunna hit the piss this weekend.’)

Horses for courses – Selecting suitable people for particular activities

I wouldn’t be dead for quids = Aussie expression of lust for life

Jacked off – To get annoyed

Larrikin – Prankster (see: larrikin spirit)

Pearler – Great

Punt =

Reg Grundies = Underpants

Shit stirrer = Trouble maker

Shitstorm = Trouble

Sluggos, Budgie smuggler, Fish frighteners = Speedos

Spit the dummy = to behave in a childish or unreasonable manner

Swag – Blanket-roll containing personal belongings and useful items carried by a traveler

Shitstirrer = Troublemaker

Swag – Rolled up bedding, used by a swagman (Bilarni)

Tim Tam = Chocolate cookie

Cop a lot of stick =

Turn of Phrase
As unwelcome as an echidna in a balloon factory. (Wordwatch)


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