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Australia’s State of the Environment 2021


Reading: Australia’s 2021 State of the Environment report (released in 2022)
Cresswell ID, Janke T, Johnston EL (2021). Overview: Downloads. In: Australia State of the environment 2021, Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, Canberra, https://soe.dcceew.gov.au/about-soe/downloads, DOI: 10.26194/f1rh-7r05, ISBN: 978-0-646-86427-3

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  • Can the report be downloaded as a single document?

Weaving Indigenous Management

Indigenous and non-Indigenous people have worked together to create the first holistic assessment of the current state of Australia’s environment. This recognises that Indigenous participation in management of land and sea is important to environmental outcomes. This is in line with the objects of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth) – promoting a cooperative approach to environmental management. 

The report comprises an overview and 12 thematic chapters: air quality, Antarctica, biodiversity, climate, coasts, extreme events, heritage, Indigenous, inland water, land, marine and urban. Each report uses a common structure: 

  • Outlook and impacts, which looks at the future of our environment and how this will affect our wellbeing 
  • Environment, which explores the state of various aspects of our environment 
  • Pressures, which looks at the impacts of pressures relevant to each chapter 
  • Management, which assesses the effectiveness of policy, legislation and action. 

This builds on the internationally accepted approach for reporting on the environment – the drivers, pressures, state, impact, response (DPSIR) framework.  

Environmental Governance Failures in Australia: Probing Problems and Seeking Solutions@SEI_Sydney


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