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Presented by Daniel Browning, the weekly, hour-long AWAYE! features diverse and vibrant Aboriginal arts and culture from across Australia and the best from Indigenous radio broadcasters around the world.

Awaye! covers music (from the yidaki and gumleaf to techno), arts, spirituality, politics, dance, literature, theatre – in short, the healthy and vibrant diversity of Aboriginal culture across the country. Awaye! is also a showcase for features and documentaries produced by indigenous people overseas, including Māori, Polynesian, native American and South African broadcasters.

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Deepening the conversation and what ‘ngarraanga’ means – If you could listen to country, what would you hear? We explore the concept of ‘deep listening’ and bring you a special episode of Word Up about that that very thing.

Pass it on: preserving Indigenous languages – A panel discusses the purpose of language revival – is it fluency, dual naming or just a wider recognition of Australia’s first languages?

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