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Light City

Baltimore hosts the first ever large-scale light festival in the United States. During the festival each year, the city is transformed with state-of-the-art light displays, video projections on buildings, dancing fountains, light sculptures, and interactive technologies to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences for families, residents and visitors.

Light City features uniquely curated live music shows that will invite the world to experience one of America’s hottest music scenes.

The theme for 2018 is “More Love, More Lights!” as Light City expands to three weekends with Neighborhood Lights April 6-8, the Light City art and music festival April 14-21 and the Labs/LightCity social innovation conference April 18-21.

All of the 21 light installations on display are brand new to Light City,with distinguished artists hailing from Belgium, China,Canada, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Virginia and Illinois. Ten of the distinguished artists are from Baltimore. Many of the artworks have overarching themes related to topics such as sustainability, marine life, Baltimore history,social justice, healthy waterways, transformation and relationships.

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In 1816, Baltimore was the first city to illuminate the streets with gas lanterns, revolutionizing the urban landscape forever by transforming the city with light.

Two hundred years later, Light City Baltimore – a festival of light, music and innovation – will paint Baltimore with a canvas of light, and illuminate the world with the brilliance of the brightest thinkers.

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