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Baltimore’s Trash Wheels


Baltimore – Introducing the Trash Wheels.

Mr. Trash Wheel, officially called the Inner Harbor Water Wheel, is a trash interceptor, a vessel that removes trash from the Jones Falls river as it empties into the Inner Harbor.

Two additional members of the Trash Wheel “family” have since been added to patrol the Inner Harbor; the Canton-based female-gendered Professor Trash Wheel (with appropriate googly eyes) in December 2016, and the gender-neutral Captain Trash Wheel in June 2018 at Brooklyn.

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How it works
The Inner Harbor Water Wheel, or “Mr. Trash Wheel” to locals, combines old and new technology to harness the power of water and sunlight to collect litter and debris flowing down the Jones Falls River.

The river’s current provides power to turn the water wheel, which lifts trash and debris from the water and deposits it into a dumpster barge. When there isn’t enough water current, a solar panel array provides additional power to keep the machine running. When the dumpster is full, it’s towed away by boat, and a new dumpster is put in place.

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