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Bears Ears Links

Image: BLM Map (Some rights reserved)

Links related to Bears Ears National Monument presented in somewhat random fashion:

What Indigenous leaders think about co-managing Bears Ears with the feds
Bears Ears and Radioactive Waste: The White Mesa Mill Story – Grand Canyon Trust

Shash Jaa’
The northern end of the Shash Jáa SRMA is approximately 10 miles west of Blanding, Utah, and is accessed via UT SR-95. The southern end is located approximately 3.5 miles west of Bluff, Utah, and is accessed from UT SR-163 and UT SR-191.
Biden to restore Shash Jaa’, reversing Trump cut
Shash Jáa National Monument Is an Insult, Say Tribes – Sierra
By renaming new Utah monument Shash Jaa, is Trump trying to divide Native American tribes?

Visitation to this Bears Ears site spiked since 2015. Here’s how the BLM wants to handle it – KSL
We Stole Land Again: The Outdoor Industry, Indigenous Communities, and Bears Ears Conservation@AmieeMaxwell

Ryan Zinke’s Official Portrait A Final Slap In The Face To Native American Tribes

Feds stack Bears Ears advisory group with critics of southern Utah monument
Democrat-controlled San Juan County formally withdraws from Bears Ears court case
Bagley Cartoon: Attack on Bears Ears
What remains of Bears Ears
Injustice Reassured: Bears Ears Advisory Committee Stacked for Opposition

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Breaking News – Today (December 4, 2017) the US government announced plans to reduce the size of the Bears Ears National Monument. We will be updating this page.

Twitter shoutout: @savebearsears @AltBearsEarsNM @UtahDineBikeyah

Hashtags: #ProtectBearsEarsNow, #StandWithBearsEars, #MonumentsForAll

Goosenecks State Park Overlook

Press Conference
Bears Ears Inter Tribal Coalition Press Conference May 3, 2017

Key Links

Twitter Moment
Trump’s decision to shrink Bears Ears monument by 85% was linked to oil concerns
Bears Ears / Utah / Patagonia



Cedar Mesa Citadel

Bears Ears National Monument


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