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Spotlight on Rayo Cruz, aka Bëni Xidza, Indigenous language activist and educator focusing on Zapoteco del Rincón from Oaxaca, Mexico.

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My name is Rayo Cruz. I belong to the Zapotec native ethnic group. I was born and raised in a community in the North Sierra of Oaxaca. I have a Bachelor Degree in communications because that is my passion. I started to get involved in Indigenous communication processes by participating in a community radio called Stereo Communal in Guelatao de Juárez. In 2010, I worked as a teacher of Zapoteco, my native Language, in a community school in my region. In 2011, I started working with Radio Aire Zapoteco, a community radio which aims at preserving and promoting the usage of Zapoteco; I am still part of this team.

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