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Berlin-Copenhagen Bikeway

Photo: Royston Rascals, Bikeway (Some rights reserved)

The international Berlin-Copenhagen Bikeway links the German with the Danish capital, three idyllic regions and a lot of friendly people.

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Wikipedia: The Berlin–Copenhagen Cycle Route (German: Radfernweg Berlin-Kopenhagen) is a 630 km (390 mi) long-distance cycling route that connects the German and Danish capital cities. The German portion of the route, between Berlin and Rostock, is approximately 370 km (230 mi); the Danish portion, between Gedser and Copenhagen, is approximately 260 km (160 mi). Between Rostock and Gedser, cyclists must take a ferry.

The Berlin–Copenhagen Cycle Route is part of the 6,000 km (3,700 mi) EuroVelo 7 cycling route, which runs from the top of Norway to the island of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. It also forms part of the German Cycling Network’s D-Route 11, which runs from the Bavarian Alps to the Baltic Sea.

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