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Bicycle Friendly 2018

The League of American Bicyclists welcomed 65 new and renewing Bicycle Friendly Communities, bringing the number of communities to 430. Here is the ​List of Fall 2017 awardees and All BFC Awards through Fall 2017


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  • In a few words, what is #BicycleFriendly?
  • Is there public information online that provides a deep dive into individual communities?
  • Las Vegas and Clark County, Nevada have bronze status. Henderson, Nevada has silver status. What’s the difference?
  • What are the benefits of having this type of label?
  • Is any of the data available in an open access format?
  • Are there equivalents internationally?
  • Is there a Twitter list of the BFCs? BFFs (Bicycle Friendly Friends)?
  • Are  communities examples of responsible travel?

The BFC program provides a roadmap to building a Bicycle Friendly Community and the application itself has become a rigorous and an educational tool in itself. Since its inception, more than 800 distinct communities have applied and the five levels of the award – diamond, platinum, gold, silver and bronze – provide a clear incentive for communities to continuously improve.

The 19th Annual National Bike Summit happens March 5-7, 2018 in Washington, D.C. Register for the summit. This year’s theme is Grass Roots Grow Together. We are showcasing successes at the local level, learning how they happen and exploring ways to expand their reach.

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Clark County Recognized as Bronze Bicycle Friendly Community (Excerpts from the Media Release)

Today, the League of American Bicyclists recognized Clark County with a Bronze Bicycle Friendly Community (BFC) award, joining more than 400 visionary communities from across the country. With the announcement of 65 new and renewing BFCs today, Clark County joins a leading group of communities in all 50 states that are transforming our neighborhoods, representatives said.

The County continues to make strides in making bicycling a safe and convenient option for transportation and recreation. With more than 250 miles of bicycle and trail facilities in unincorporated Clark County, the County is improving connectivity to the regional bicycle system with the construction of bicycle/pedestrian bridges and the expansion of the Beltway trail while improving safety for on-street facilities with more separated and buffered bike lanes and shared use paths. The unincorporated County takes in the largest part of the Las Vegas Valley and includes all of the Las Vegas Strip with a population of 951,000. The Countywide population is 2.2 million.

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