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Big Bend National Park

Photo: Jasperado, National Park

Named for the sweeping bend of the Rio Grande (Rio Bravo) River along the United States – Mexico border in southwest Texas, Big Bend National Park is a remote jewel within the Chihuahuan Desert where the Chisos Mountains rise above the river.

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Big Bend was first a state park in the 1930s. In 1944 it became a national park.

BBNP: The waters of the Rio Grande have been cutting through Santa Elena Canyon for over millions of years, slowly carving 1,500 foot tall walls. The walls are made up of layers of limestone, which was deposited during Big Bend’s submerged past. In the early Cretaceous period (130 million years ago), Big Bend National Park’s location was underwater, covered up by a shallow sea. There, layers of mud and the remains of marine organisms were deposited and over time turned to limestone. The Rio Grande has slowly eroded this rock away, forming magnificent canyons, like Santa Elena.

Scenic Views
Window View is in the Chisos Basin and looks to the west side of the park. This narrow slot provides a view of distant mountains.
Big Bend National Park - Window View Sunset

Big Bend National Park

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Big Bend National Park


Big Bend National Park


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