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What would those in the know like others understand about bikes? Presenting relevant links in a somewhat random fashion:

Cargo bikes can replace sixth of van deliveries in central London, says TfL
We are living in a golden age of electric cargo bikes
Bike helmets: what the science really says about an American safety obsession – Slate
Fallout from the Pandemic Bike Boom – Outside
The case for funding bike infrastructure
A new way to travel across the USA – BBC
Middle Ground – Bike Magazine

Roff Smith
The joy of cycling in my neighbourhood




Minuteman Bikeway
The country’s 500th rail-trail continues to grow in popularity. The 10-mile Minuteman Commuter Bikeway was built in 1992 over the “rail-banked” Lexington Branch railroad corridor between Bedford and West Cambridge, Massachusetts, which passes through suburban Lexington and Arlington long the way. The trail received its name from the fact that it closely follows the path of the colonial Minutemen during the Battle of 1775. The Minuteman Bikeway is paved with asphalt and is 12 feet wide. Permitted uses include walking, cycling and inline skating. During winter months, the corridor is often traversed by cross-country skiers.
Minuteman Bikeway

Mountain Biking / Mountain Bikes
Evaluating the ecological impacts of mountain biking

Rails to Trails

Bike Link

Adventure Cycling Association
A Look at Airline Baggage Fees

Wheeled Pedestrian

Si Más Bicicletas (Yes More Bicycles)


Flickr Groups
Si más Bicicletas // Yes More Bicycles

Google Maps
Bike Sharing Programs

Recommended Listening
Nevada Matters – Cycling in Nevada is taking the lead for local cyclists and an increasing number of foreign visitors taking to two wheels in rural Nevada. This conversation introduces the Nevada’s statewide Bicycle Plan and the national US Bicycle Routes.

The Casual Cyclist– Matthew Hurst, the casual cyclist, runs a bike hire service that embodies his approach to cycling which encourages visitors to hire bikes for days, weeks – even months.

Psychogeography: discovering the mental terrain of the city – In this century there are flaneurs and commuters savouring their journeys on foot and by bike. They’re taking in the smells and sounds of back alleys, recalling emotional memories at intersections and celebrating stacks of shipping containers

Bikenomics : What’s cycling worth? – A report published this month estimates cycling contributes $350 billion to the European economy annually and employs more people than mining and quarrying combined. And a University of Auckland study released earlier this year found that every dollar invested in improving cycling infrastructure results in $20 of economic benefits. Sunday Morning producer Jeremy Rose takes a look at the cycling economy both here and abroad and visits Hawke’s Bay where cycle tourism is booming.

Recommended viewing
Pedal power – Mikael Colville-Andersen is a filmmaker, photographer and urban mobility expert who is also known as Denmark’s Bicycle Ambassador. He gives talks around the world on how cities can and should re-establish the bicycle as a respected and accepted transport form.

The steel horse fills a gap in modern life, it is an answer not only to its needs, but also to its aspirations. It’s quite certainly here to stay.
– Le Vélocipède Illustré, 1869 World’s first cycling magazine, cited in four goals for promoting urban cycling

Every time I see an adult on a bicycle I no longer despair for the future of the human race.
– H. G. Wells

Bikes Bingo
back pedal – bicicleta – bicycle – bike – bike lane – bike rack sculptures – bike share – bike shedding – bike valet – breaks – cargo bike – chain – clipless – cycling – cyclist – cycle – etiquette – helmet – hub – kickstand – red light – rim – pedal – psi – route – stop sign – track – wheel

Bikeshedding = Tendency to spend a disproportionate amount of time on trivial matters or decisions because they are easier to consider // Tendencia a dedicar una cantidad desproporcionada de tiempo a asuntos o decisiones triviales porque son más fáciles de considerar
The Web of ‘Bikeshedding’ and Social Media Polarization – The Bedford Citizen
Bikeshedding and the Law of Triviality: Why People Focus on Minor Issues – Effectiviology
Law of triviality – Wikipedia

Glossary of cycling
Le Vélocipède Illustré
Annie Londonderry
Dandy horse
Recumbent bicycle






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