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Binvis.iobinvis.io, an online tool which lets people:
Visually explore binary data
Cluster bytes to pick out fine structural features with space-filling curves
Use the simple scan layout to navigate and select data intuitively
Flip between a number of useful byte color mappings, including an entropy visualiser that lets you pick out compressed or encrypted sections
Export data segments for analysis

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binvis.io is the visual way to analyze binary files
Binvis.io Lets You Visualise And Analyse Binary Files

Elsewhere on the Web

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Announcement: Right now, Binvis is local only – that is, when you open a file, all analysis is done in your browser and nothing is sent to the server. In the longer term, I’d like to add the ability to upload, share and annotate binaries, both publicly and privately. There is probably a market of… oh, at least a dozen people out there who would have use for an imgur-like sharing system for binaries. Fame and riches surely await. Of course, there are also an immense number of other improvements to be made to almost every aspect of binvis, ranging from speed, to better colour schemes, to improvements in interaction and UX.

Aldo Cortesi
Aldo Cortesi: I make software, break software and make software that breaks software. (link: https://netograph.io) netograph.io (link: https://binvis.io)




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