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Questions = Preguntas

  • What’s new? = ¿Qué hay de nuevo? = Quoi de neuf?
  • Are there ways to participate in this conversation? = ¿Hay formas de participar en esta conversación? = Existe-t-il des moyens de participer à cette conversation?
  • What are examples of biodiversity restoration? = ¿Cuáles son ejemplos de restauración de la biodiversidad? = Quels sont les exemples de restauration de la biodiversité?

US law protecting endangered species hampered by poor resources, study says
Too few, too late: U.S. Endangered Species Act undermined by inaction and inadequate funding – Plos One
A closer look at the richness of South Africa’s biodiversity – Maverick
Justice or overreach?: As crucial test looms, Big Greens are under fire
How to turn your garden into a carbon sink – BBC
Why investors suddenly care about saving the environment
Nearly half of planet’s land in need of ‘conservation attention’ to halt biodiversity crisis
‘Sleepwalking through extinction’: China urged to end delays to Cop15 summit

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