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Photo: Ron Mader, Death Valley Wildflowers (Some rights reserved)

Biodiversity is the variety of all living organisms on earth.

While the concept is as old as life itself, the term ‘biodiversity’ was coined in 1986. Those pioneering scientists died in 2021, just as the term ‘biodiversity’ gains unprecedented traction in the public eye. Ironically, we are becoming aware of the great diversity at the same time as its perilous decline.

Some ask how to integrate biodiversity into tourism. Others ask how to protect biodiversity from tourism! Planeta.com explores the nuances of our living planet and challenges hosts and visitors to reflect on healing these disconnects.

To mainstream biodiversity, open access or at least access is needed asap to information and knowledge. Livestreaming biodiversity talks, workshops and and conferences is a must for those who want to see biodiversity in the mainstream.

Questions = Preguntas

  • Is there a directory or index of environmental conservation voices on Twitter? Pages on Facebook? = ¿Existe un directorio o índice de voces de conservación ambiental en Twitter? ¿Páginas en Facebook?
  • Is there interest in documenting cross-sector, multi-organizational approaches to conservation? = ¿Existe interés en documentar enfoques de conservación multisectoriales y multiorganizacionales?
  • How do we generate suggestions for improving communication from the Convention on Biological Diversity? = ¿Cómo generamos sugerencias para mejorar la comunicación desde el Convenio sobre la Diversidad Biológica?
  • How do we generate suggestions for improving communication from the IUCN? = ¿Cómo generamos sugerencias para mejorar la comunicación desde la UICN?

Our requests:

Our proposal

  • We would like to update the relevant resource guides and place-based guides on Planeta.com to educate ourselves on local biodiversity news. Those who would like to assist will be given kudos and tagged on the social web.
  • We continue to update biodiversity and tourism connections across our website. Examples of good and poor practices welcome.
  • Make open sharing of biodiversity and climate research the default





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