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Black Swan = Unexpected event of a large magnitude

In Texas’s Black-Swan Blackout, Everything Went Wrong at Once

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The Predictability of Unpredictability – Nassim Nicholas Taleb discusses his groundbreaking ideas and their relevance to the current economic crisis and national policy making.

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Black swan event (in the modelling of future outcomes) a major event which is so improbable that it is not likely to be predicted.[coined by Lebanese-born statistician, Nassim Taleb, in The Black Swan (2007); from the idea that, prior to European contact with Australia, the only swans known in the rest of the world were white, and no-one envisaged the possibility of a black one]
source: macquarie dictionary

Recommended Reading

Nik Gowing, ‘Skyful of Lies’ and Black Swans (2009)

Black swan theory
Black swan


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