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Official spin: Blueprint for Living surveys the ways we spend our time: from the food we eat and the clothes we wear, to the extraordinary innovations some create and develop. Smart, irreverent and endlessly curious, it is all about where culture meets life, life meets lifestyle and leisure is a serious pursuit.

Iconic Designs: the world’s first municipal park – We often take the parks in our towns and cities for granted. The world’s first municipal park opened in 1847, at Birkenhead in the north of England, across the river Mersey from Liverpool.

Lost and Found — Christchurch – Willows, green grass, craft beer, arts festivals and the crispest air – come on a mind journey to Ōtautahi.

Lost and Found — Ancient Places – A series tracing the ancient places onto which our modern cities have been transplanted; this week a journey to Canberra.

Last Half Hour: Texture – We go surface deep and explore the tactile world of texture, from velvet to concrete, mosses to cacti.

Bye Bye Michael Williams – Successor Jonathan Green from Sunday Extra pops in for some tips and to hear some highlights and lowlights of Michael’s tenure here at RN.


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