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What would fans and insiders like others know about books? Presenting relevant links in a somewhat random fashion:

APA Says Audiobook Sales Rose 12% in 2020 – PW
Inaudible Dune – Transfer Orbit
Down with Dewey
Is Listening to a Book the Same Thing as Reading It? – NYT

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Weird Old Book Finder


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Downsizing so I’m purging. I’ve read all of these and they all served me well. And I could just donate them to Goodwill but I’d rather them go somewhere I’m sure they’ll be read so… Pick 2. I’ll send them anywhere in the US.

The Book of Kells is part of the @UNESCO Memory of the World register. An outstanding illuminated Gospel Book from the 9th century, the #BookofKells is ornamented with the finest Medieval calligraphy of Insular style & is one of Ireland’s most precious manuscripts

I am a visiting scholar at Berkeley this year. I just found out I can only check out 20 BOOKS at the time. It is impossible to state how devastating this is for my research methodology, which is premised on hoarding books in my office for years and absorbing them through osmosis.

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