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Photo: Ron Mader, Nogales, 2014 (Some rights reserved)

For all of the talk of a supersized wall on the USA/Mexico border, few people from either country have visited the region.

The wall is the source of stories – cultural, environmental, political, financial, and the list goes on. On this page we curate some of the recent headlines and plot our next trip to these borderlands.

Wildlands Network
First-ever Map and Priority Restoration Areas of Border Wall through Arizona and New Mexico Released

Weaving the wall – Borderlore@maxie_adler
Border wall thwarts Mr. Goodbar, a Mexican Gray Wolf, from Crossing into Mexico@elpasotimes
UN Committee Calls On U.S. To Help Fix Border Wall Damage In Mexico – Fronteras
Biden stopped building Trump’s wall. Here’s what it looks like now
Trump’s border wall leaves landscape in disarray
Biden faces call to heal environmental and cultural scars of Trump border wall

Center for Biological Diversity
Border Wall Campaign
Wildlife, rights coalition asks Biden to remove miles of Arizona’s border wall – Mandy Loader/Arizona Daily Star

Earlier Headlines
Pink seesaws across US-Mexico border named Design of the Year 2020 – Guardian
Why is Trump visiting the border wall in the last days of his presidency?
Biden could save U.S. taxpayers $2.6 billion by halting Trump’s stupid border wall on January 20, says Army Corps
Damage from border wall: blown-up mountains, toppled cactus
Trump’s Border Wall Builders Carry On Even Though Projects May Never Be Completed – NPR
The border wall threatens decades of binational wildlife conservation@tory_sarah @highcountrynews
Donald Trump’s border wall is ‘desecrating’ sacred Indigenous sites, tribal leaders say. Could the US election change this?
‘A racist monument’: Fresh battle looms over Trump’s border wall – The Age
‘We Build the Wall’ Victim: ‘I Wish Them Well in Their Cavity Searches’ – Daily Beast
Steve Bannon charged with fraud over Mexico wall funds – BBC
New border wall near unique wetlands endangered water supply
Feds reveal details for border wall that will span San Pedro River@tonydavis987
The border wall threatens decades of binational wildlife conservation@highcountrynews @tory_sarah
Border wall construction brings crowds, and COVID-19 anxiety, into Arizona towns – High Country News
Trump to divert $3.8B from Defense to build stupid Mexico wall – Boing Boing
Trump’s Border Wall Is an Environmental Disaster – The Nation
450 miles of border wall by next year? In Arizona, it starts – 8 News Now
Trump moving forward to divert $3.6B from military projects for border wall
Guarding the Southern Border Has Become an Exercise in Cruelty – The Nation
In The Rio Grande Valley, Residents Prepare For Construction Of A New Border Wall
Trump doesn’t let environmental laws stand in the way of border barrier construction
Border Residents Remain Skeptical About The Need For An Expanded Wall – KRWG
Trump’s border wall obsession frustrates conservative activists
Trump Wrong About Wall Effect in El Paso – Factcheck.org
From concrete to solar to steel: Trump’s vision for a border wall keeps shifting
Democrats touring border warn Trump against diverting funds for wall
Trump to address nation on wall – The Hill
Readers React to government shutdown – LA Times
Border Wall – The Atlantic
Trump knocks Dems: Border wall will be ‘artistically designed’ and ‘beautiful’
Meet the Bottomless Pinocchio, a new rating for a false claim repeated over and over again – Washington Post
Trump’s Border Wall Could Decimate These Rare Species – Texas Observer
The US-Mexico border wall’s dangerous, costly side-effect: enormous floods – Quartz
US Supreme Court Turns Away Challenge to Trump’s Border Wall – VOA
U.S. top court snubs environmental challenge to Trump’s border wall


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In 1994-1996 I had the pleasure of reporting full-time on the borderlands. The wall, then as now, inspired strong political debate. Lost in the discussion were the social and environmental impacts. Now more than ever we need to reassess how we approach the wall.

In 2020-2021 look for an expansion on Planeta.com of regional coverage.



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