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Botanical garden = Garden where plants are grown for display to the public and often for scientific study

Also see: garden tour

Questions // Preguntas

  • Is there a directory of botanic gardens that are free and open to the public? // ¿Existe un directorio de jardines botánicos que sean gratuitos y abiertos al público?

Recommended Listening
Paul Bangay’s Garden Rudimental: Inspiration – From an empty patch of land to a cluttered, overgrown urban garden, Paul reveals the ways proportion, scale, and sightlines can be used to move beyond the tabula rasa.

Strolling through the history of Australia’s botanic gardens – From colonial estates to leisure grounds for the masses, Australia’s botanic gardens have evolved over time. Now these gardens are on the frontline of climate change adaptation. Guest: Susan K Martin, Emeritus Professor in English, La Trobe University. Co-author of Reading the Garden

Elsewhere on the Web

Australian Institute of Botanical Science
Sonica BotanicaSoundcloud (Melbourne)

Asociación Mexicana de Jardines BotánicosFacebook
Arboretum Cholul

South America
Red Sudamericana de Jardines BotánicosVideos

Botanical garden


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