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Photo: Ron Mader, Torito (2020) (Some rights reserved)

Spotlight on Nevada’s Boulder Highway

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3700 Boulder Hwy.
4784 Boulder Hwy.
5800 Boulder Hwy.

History: Jim Thorpe
1100 N. Boulder Highway, Jim Thorpe’s All-American Supper Club and Casino
Sports legend’s Henderson stint a season to forget

RTCSNV Developments
rtcsnv.com/boulderhighway: When Boulder Highway was constructed in 1931, the area was largely rural. Today, this area has grown to tens of thousands of houses, commercial lots, transit riders, and daily vehicles. This growth has caused an increase in traffic for vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians, but also an increase in pedestrian injuries and deaths. With your help, we have re-imagined Boulder Highway to accommodate growth while improving safety, and setting a scalable foundation for future enhancements. From Charleston Boulevard to Wagon Wheel Drive, learn about the Reimagined Boulder Highway. Final Report (PDF)

Recommended Listening
March 21Amid crime-ridden extended stay motels on Boulder Highway, one manages to improve – The police presence on Boulder Highway was greater than almost every other private business in Metro’s jurisdiction, including the Las Vegas Strip’s largest casino-resorts. Data collected from 2017 to 2021 found that Sportsman’s Royal Manor was the one extended stay venue that managed to lower their police calls and police presence by investing in their security.

Feb 7 The Las Vegas living experience; what to know and what to expect – Las Vegas is a town of transplants. How did people move here? What should they have known before they got here? What is the essential advice for someone who loves the idea of ditching heavy winter coats for scorching summers? What have they found so far that’s different, something that’s not what they expected or something that excited them about Las Vegas?

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Nevada State Route 582
Quonset hut



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