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Cancelled – National Eucalypt Day: Nature Journaling Workshop with Paula Peeters

Photo: Brisbane City Council


For friends in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Discover nature journaling amongst the eucalypts. Artist, ecologist, and writer Paula Peters (@paperbark_) leads a journey of artistic and empathetic creation in the city’s Botanic Gardens.

In Australia March 23 is National Eucalypt Day and on March 21 the city of Brisbane hosts a free, public workshop: Nature journaling with Paula Peeters.

The practice of drawing or writing in response to nature (nature journaling) sharpens observation skills while also allowing a quiet, relaxing experience immersed in nature. The workshop will take participants through beginner exercises that show you that anyone can write and draw.

Paula Peeters has been studying, drawing and writing about trees for most of her life. This session will include the identification of some eucalypts and their relatives, a discussion of their ecology and evolution, and the creation of nature journal pages.

Wear a hat and covered shoes. Bring a snack and a keep cup or water bottle.

Location: Meet at the Australian Plant Communities car park, or catch the shuttle bus to this car park from the Visitor Information Centre.

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