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WOTY, aka the Word of the Year, is given by various organizations and highlight language which reflect the popular discourse. While does not officially release a โ€˜Word of the Year,โ€™ we do compile our favorites each year, part of a game we call Buzzword Bingo.

Among our favorite words from 2017:

Nature: EPA, Lake Skadar, Mangroves, Red List, Sustainability, Tundra, Wastewater, Weir, Yakka Skink, Zebras

Web: AI, Algorithm, Automation, Collaborative Editing, Collaborative Writing, Moderation, Organize, Saved

World: Craic, Gasolinazo, Hei, Rooster, Kuleana, Sorry Business

New School: Agnotology, Civic Participation, Civic Empowerment, Civic Engagement, Flawed Democracy, Green Growth, Hospice, Identity Politics, Indigipreneurship, Media Partner, On the fly, Open Participation, Phatic, Phatic Communication, Phatic Journalism, Non Zero Sum Game, Serial Entrepreneur, Shade, Sustainable Aviation, Transgender, Trump Slump, Unconference

Old School: Activism, Buyer’s Remorse, Coloring Book, Development, Disposition, Distraction, Fake, Fireworks, Indulgence, Legitimacy, Literacy, Declaration, Symposium, Yellow Pages, Portion Control, Recipes, Reformation, Resistance, Scrapbook, Souvenir, Stream of Consciousness, Truth, Unboxing

Ronisms: Cyberhousekeeping, Virtuous Circle

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