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What are your favorite words of 2018?

We are curating our annual collection of new words, old classics, and the inbetween, that came to attention/usefulness in 2018.

Buzzword Bingo 2018

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Americanist, Bike Lanes, Bilingual Signs, Culinary Tourism, Dark Sky, Data Portability, Decolonizing, Digital Transformation, Dispensary, Endangered Species Act, Extreme Events, Flexitarian, Gutenberg, Heat Wave, Instagrammable, International Year, Juneteenth, Lifelong Learning, Makerspace, Multigenerational, Nixtamal, Ombudsperson, Open Knowledge, Parkitecture, Plastic Bags, Quantum Mechanics, Rain Shadow, Rescue Animal, Sensory Garden, Single Use, They, Trade War, Travel Ban, Tsundoku, Ultima Thule, Wayback Machine, Wildlife Tourism, World Building

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