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Buzzword Bingo 2020

Lingo Cards

What are the most meaningful/ impactful words of 2020?

We are curating our annual collection of new words, old classics, and the inbetween, that come to attention / usefulness in 2020.

Buzzwords have the attribution-sharealike license. If you use/remix/reuse the artwork, please make the attributions to “Ron Mader / Planeta.com

2020 Buzzwords Album

2020 Nominees
biodiversity offsettingcarbon labelcircular economycovid19dostadningecological civilizationdivorce partygastrodiplomacymask readernature journalingnumtotpandemicphysical distancingquaranstreamingradical localismreal idreduce-reuse-recycleregenerative tourismrortsscrapbookseed libraryskip songsober curious – sonder – vice shelfwet marketzoonosis




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