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Buzzword Bingo 2021

Photo: Ron Mader, Life is Beautiful Parking Spots (some rights reserved)

Planeta.com is curating our annual collection of new words, old classics, and the inbetween, that come to attention in 2021.

Note that many of the following features include artwork / illustration with the attribution-sharealike license. If you use/remix/reuse the artwork, please list the attribution to “Ron Mader / Planeta.com

2021 Nominees
Allotment – Carbon Emissions – Critical Race TheoryCryptomining – Deferred maintenance – Doomscrolling – EcocideGrandmillenial – Great Resignation – Hybrid Learning – Library Card – Marijuana Lounges – Micromobility – Neurogastronomy – Non-fungible token – Phase Down / Phase Out – Radical Collaboration – Range Anxiety – Resocialization – Schneckenpost – Shēngtài Lǚyóu – Space Archaeology – Stray Observations – Supply Chain – Timed Ticket Entry – Variant – Ventilation – Vertical Farming



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