Artwork: Stanley Creative, Rhino (Some rights reserved) is curating our annual collection of new words, old classics, and the inbetween, that come to attention in 2022: Presenting Buzzword Bingo 2022.

Note that many of the following features include artwork / illustration with the attribution-sharealike license. If you use/remix/reuse the artwork, please list the attribution to “Ron Mader /

Questions = Preguntas

  • What are your words of the year for 2022? = ¿Cuáles son tus palabras del año para 2022?

2022 Faves

Always On – Bachelor’s Handbag – Big Lie – Bike Shedding – Carbon Dioxide Birth Number – Cluttercore – Crisis WatchDemocracy – Extreme – Goblin Mode – Gun Violence – Imposters – Inflation – Monkeypox (Mpox) – Pabulum – Permacrisis – Price Gouging – Record Pull – Quiet Quitting – RSVSportswashingTransgender – Wage Theft – Yacht Rock

Elsewhere announces word of the year: ‘woman’
What is ‘goblin mode’ and why is it Oxford’s 2022 word of the year? – CBC Radio
At a time of ‘permacrisis’ and ‘gaslighting’ Macquarie judges embracing teal as word of the year



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