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Día de la Candelaria = Candlemas

Photo: Ron Mader, Tamales de frijol (Some rights reserved)

February 2 is Día de la Candelaria (Candlemas) and the conclusion of Christmas season in Mexico and Spain.

This festival is full of special events and the most important blessing to the baby Jesus. On Christmas Day (December 25) godparents are chosen for the Christ Child and made responsible for placing it in its crib. On February 2, the baby Jesus is ‘woken’ from the manger and dressed.

There is a ritual that lasts three consecutive years. In the first year, the baby is dressed in white, without crown or throne. This outfit should look like the Child of the Doves, that of the lilies (azucenas), the rose (rosas), the Holy Infant of Atocha.

The second year the baby takes a throne and crown and the color of the dress is optional. People choose the dress of a saint. Until the third year he dressed as King and Emperor of the Universe, with costumes like the Child of Prague, Emperor of the World Christ. Some godparents build a new altar.

The godparents takes the baby Jesus to church to be blessed, seated on a tray or basket with flowers. They take decorated candles to be blessed when to ask for favors to the Virgin or Christ.

Today, it has become a tradition to eat tamales as people who were fortunate enough to find your piece of thread to the baby Jesus have to meet leading tamales for everyone.

Xochimilco, Mexico
In Xochimilco there is a tradition which dates before the Spanish conquest of celebrating a small wooden figure known as the “Niñopa” – perhaps a baby Huītzilōpōchtli. Many thanks to Marlene Ehrenberg for the guided visits to this neighborhood.

Stray Observations
Candelaria is the midpoint between the winter equinox and the spring solstice.

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One thought on “Día de la Candelaria = Candlemas

  1. In Mexico it is the tradition that the person that got the baby Jesús in the Rosca de Reyes, has the task to get the tamales for the Candelaria
    Ron it is so nice that you post our celebraciones, in Xochimilco there is a a very strange tradition of a small wooden figure the “Niño Pa”, it goes back before the Spanish arrived in América, it could be a baby Huichilopoxtli probably.

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