Restoration of the Wixárika Worldview

Lingo Cards New on the INAH YouTube Channel The Nierika painting attributed to the shaman artist José Benítez Sánchez (1938-2009), shows colorful and symmetrical elements that are part of the wixárika worldview, such as the double-headed snake, deer, corn cobs, geometrical figures and fitomorphs. The restoration is being done by the professors and students of …


Photo: Dinesh Rao, Meeting Tlaxcala is Mexico’s smallest state and is bordered to the west by the State of México, to the northwest by Hidalgo, and to the north, east, and south by Puebla. Also see: Tlaxcala City Google Maps Tlaxcala Links México Mexico States

Radish Night 2017

Poster: Uriel Barranc Oaxaca City, Mexico – 2017 is the 120th iteration of the annual Noche de Rábanos, aka Radish Night, which takes place on Saturday, December 23 in the downtown zócalo. This is a horticultural pageant, testimony to agriculture and folk art. Who to follow on Twitter? @cortv, @TurismoCdOax Hashtags: #120Años #EchandoRaíces #NocheDeRábanos #RaícesQueDejanHuella Livestreaming CORTV is livestreaming a three-hour recap …

Suspended: International Streetfood Congress = Congreso Internacional Comer En La Calle #ComerEnLaCalle

Suspended. International Streetfood Congress = Congreso Internacional Comer En La Calle If there are new dates, we will share them on this page. Key Links #ComerEnLaCalle (Facebook) #ComerEnLaCalle (Twitter) Instagram Questions How can assist/document the event? Mexico City Food, Health, and Cultivating Communities

Teotihuacan Roundtable 2017: Origins, Boom, Collapse and Inheritance

Poster Announcing the Sixth Round Table of Teotihuacan: Origins, Boom, Collapse and Inheritance (6ª Mesa Redonda Teotihuacan: Orígenes, auge, colapso y herencia) was held November 16-18, 2017 in Mexico City, hosted by INAH. Origins of the State: formation and development of the ceremonial center Presentations: The cult of the founding ancestors of Teotihuacan. A hypothesis …

2017 Dia de los Muertos / Day of the Dead

Photo: Ciudad de Oaxaca Turismo Mexico’s celebrations of Día de los Muertos / Day of the Dead are world famous. Here are snapshots from 2017: Oaxaca, Mexico Day of the Dead Playlist Guadalajara, Mexico Mexico City Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a holiday celebrated throughout the Americas and combines ancient Indigenous traditions and modern …

Mexico This Month (November 2017)

Photo: Melissa Biggs, Untitled ⚡️ “Mexico This Month” November 2017 Hashtags: #mexiconow #mexicoexplained Twitter Moment Mexico 11.2017 ?? Twitter @TomBuckley519 @RobledaBlanca @melisu_b @INAHmx @SEMARNAT_mx @CONANP_mx @jonjo66 @DanielHJoseph @blillehaugen @BnZunni @durangoturistic México Twitter

Chichimeca Rock Art

Chichimeca Rock Art (La gráfica rupestre chichimeca) was explored during a one-day seminar in Mexico: Key Links Indigenous México

Communication and Conservation in Mexico (2017)

Mexico City – Thursday, October 26 Universum hosts a seminar on Communication and Conservation. The Spanish-language discussion will have livestreaming video beginning at 10:30am (Mexico time). Do not miss this! = ¡No faltes! Speakers include Carlos Galindo, Gustavo M. Ballesté, Jatziri Pérez, Jaime Rojo and Exequiel Ezcurra. Key Links Ecovalor Universum Universum, …