Vote by mail

Nevada Stamp Vote by mail = A system for conducting elections in which voters receive and return ballots via the mail Also see: mail-in voting HeadlinesVoting by mail is secure, but it has a seriously low-tech downside: your signature Embedded Tweets Planeta


Photo: bvi4092 Tampa is part of the metropolitan area most commonly referred to as the “Tampa Bay Area.” The bay’s port is the largest in the state, near downtown’s Channel District. Bayshore Boulevard runs along the bay, and is east of the historic Hyde Park neighborhood. HeadlinesAt Tampa Bay farm-to-table restaurants, you’re being fed fiction …

Artificial Photosynthesis

Buzzwords Artificial photosynthesis is a chemical process that replicates the natural process of photosynthesis, a process that converts sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide into carbohydrates and oxygen. The term is commonly used to refer to any scheme for capturing and storing the energy from sunlight in the chemical bonds of a fuel. – Wikipedia Recommended …

Fake News

Buzzwords Fake News = False stories that appear to be news, spread on the internet or using other media, usually created to influence political views or as a joke – Cambridge Dictionary Gameshttps://getbadnews.com 2019 ReportResearchers at Princeton University and New York University found that people 65 years of age and over are seven times more …


Buzzwords Deepfake = artificial intelligence-based human image synthesis technique. It is used to combine and superimpose existing images and videos onto source images or videos; a portmanteau of “deep learning” and “fake” – Wikipedia Also see: deepfakery Headlineshow-the-wall-street-journal-is-preparing-its-journalists-to-detect-deepfakes Voice Cloning Soundcloud Videos


Buzzwords Remix = Alternative version of a recorded work Elsewhere on the Web WikipediaRemix

Artificial Intelligence Links

Poster Links to artificial intelligence (AI) resources presented in somewhat random fashion: Questions How do you translate ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in other languages? Bonus points for Indigenous languages. Where is AI on the hype cycle? BuzzwordsAI – Alexa – Conversation – Deepfake – Eliza – Machine Learning – Siri – Text to Speech Machine learning provides …