Verbs Experience = To encounter or undergo (an event or occurrence) also see: experience economy Translating: There is only one thing more painful than learning from experience and that is not learning from experience. – Archibald_MacLeishGerman: Es gibt nur eine Sache, schmerzhafter als das Lernen aus Erfahrung und lernt nicht aus Erfahrung.Spanish: Sólo hay una …

Platinum Rule

Buzzwords Platinum Rule: Do unto others as they would like to have you do unto them. How do we champion conscious travel, responsible travel, ecotourism? How do we encourage collaboration in maturing social movements? Perhaps one way to start is by following the Platinum Rule: Do unto others as they would like to have you …


Languages This page is dedicated to our favorite words and phrases in Hawaiian. Suggestions are welcome. February is #HawaiianLanguageMonth or #MahinaOleloHawaii Word of the Day Hoʻohaʻahaʻa = Humility YouTube Embedded Tweets Vocabulary Planeta.com


Adjectives Happy = feeling or showing pleasure or contentment QuotableSe feliz y haz feliz a los demásBe happy and make others happySei glücklich und mache andere glücklichÊtre heureux et rendre les autres heureux Headlines A cheery and helpful guide: How to be happy – First Dog on the MoonReport finds how much money you need …


Adjectives Random = made, done, happening, or chosen without method or conscious decision Questions How is ‘random’ used in conversations? How is ‘random’ translated in other languages? Misc NotesA blueprint for living and the integration of random design Planeta.com