Mexico Slang

Poster Here are some of our faves (in alphabetical order):A pocoAguasÁndale!ÁnimoChingarChula / chuloNi modoPatriaQué onda?Qué poca madre AlsoPochoMetiche Spanish English Adios Can mean ‘Hi!’ when the person does not have time to stop and chat Aguas Water, also ‘watch out!’ A hueso, A huevo Definitely, undoubtedly Alboroto Uproar, racket A poco No?! Berrinche To throw …

Macquarie Dictionary

Logo Elsewhere on the Web Australia’s Macquarie Dictionary – – was first published in print in 1981 and has been online since 2003. Its reputation has gone from strength to strength. It is regarded as the standard reference on Australian English. What we like – Macquarie describes language as it is used. The Twitter …


Verbs Believe = To accept as true QuotesI believe in coyotes and time as an abstract Explain the change, the difference between What you want and what you need, there’s the key, Your adventure for today, what do you do Between the horns of the day? – REM, I Believe

Swedish (Svenska)

Swedish is related with German and English and very close to Norwegian and Danish. Swedes, Norwegians and Danes normally understand each other. Swedes under the age of 60 normally has English as a second language and has studied English for several years in school. ProverbsIf you don’t mention anyone, you haven’t forgotten anyone. Headlines12 untranslatable …


Verbs Rescue = To save someone/something from a dangerous or distressing situation QuotesThe first step in rescuing culture is recognizing that you’ve lost to some of your culture. We don’t recognize that we’ve lost 50% of our language. – Hugo Antonio Santiago: