Buzzwords Orthography = Conventional spelling system of a language Dizhsa Nabani There is no standard orthography for San Jerónimo Tlacochahuaya Zapotec. All spellings are provided by the speaker. | No hay una ortografía estándar para el Zapoteco de San Jerónimo Tlacochahuaya. El orador ha provisto todos los deletreos. There is no standard orthography for San …


Photo: Jaagumae Cafeteria, Tartu Estonian is the official language of Estonia, spoken natively by about 1.1 million people: 922,000 people in Estonia and 160,000 outside Estonia. It belongs to the Finnic branch of the Uralic language family. estonian english spanish Tere Hello Hola Nägemiseni Nägemist Goodbye Adios Tere hommikust good morning Buenos dias Tere päevast …


Adjectives Nordic = relating to Scandinavia, Finland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands Headlines Why Finnish people tell the truth – BBC Nordic nations are not socialist; they’re free-trade lovers Video Wikipedia Nordic countries Features Nature Interpretation in Nordic Countries Planeta.com Scandinavia Denmark Finland Iceland Norway Sweden


Verbs Unplug = To disconnect (an electrical device) by removing its plug from a socket Embedded Tweets Has anyone tried unplugging the country and plugging it back in? — Turnip (@Turnip2020) August 19, 2018 Planeta.com The Value of Communication = El Valor de la Comunicación Engagement https://www.planeta.com/vebs


Verbs Respect = To admire deeply, as a result of their abilities, qualities, or achievements Translations, please! Embedded Tweets Translations, please: Respect ✊ https://t.co/gjgB7A1Hwr pic.twitter.com/hyOAs5wSSp — planetanews (@planetanews) August 16, 2018 Planeta.com Verbs Civility


Verbs Create = To bring (something) into existence Also see: creative Essay One of the pillars of engagement, being creative and encouraging others their creativity deepen our involvement, our buy in, our being alive. Why is it, then, that so many do what they have to do while shying away from doing something new? We …