Verbs Wonder = To feel admiration and amazement; marvel Headlineshttps://aeon.co/essays/why-wonder-is-the-most-human-of-all-emotions Quotes At every crossroad, be prepared to bump into wonder.– James Broughton Planeta.com


Verbs Assemble = To gather or fit together EssayResponsible travel: By connecting with individuals, rather than archetypes or stereotypes, visitors assemble their own meanings. And increasingly – thanks to the social web – our travels begin long before we board a plane and continue long after we unpack the suitcase. QuotesNo one owns a story. …


Verbs Experience = To encounter or undergo (an event or occurrence) also see: experience economy Translating: There is only one thing more painful than learning from experience and that is not learning from experience. – Archibald_MacLeishGerman: Es gibt nur eine Sache, schmerzhafter als das Lernen aus Erfahrung und lernt nicht aus Erfahrung.Spanish: Sólo hay una …


Verbs Upgrade = To raise (something) to a higher standard Also see: Level up Upgrade your world by making the most of old-school allies and the expanding universe of the social web This presentation shows how the messages of environmental conservation and responsible / conscious / local travel is told using hi-tech and lo-fi communication. …


Verbs Breathe = take air into the lungs and then expel it, especially as a regular physiological process Also see: Respiration = inhalation and exhalation of air; breathing Web MDNasal Saline Irrigation and Neti Pots American Lung Associationlung.orgadvocacysota QuotesBreathing is fun. – Conversation WikipediaBreathe Planeta.com