Deborah McLaren

Spotlight on Deborah McLaren QuotesThis is the opportunity that the pandemic crisis affords us. It potentially socialises us to eschew greediness, exploitation and imposition and choose pathways to greater solidarity, including in and through tourism. Such a transformation is essential as even greater crises are upon us. – Forward, Socialising Tourism (2021) Features Features

Melissa Biggs

Photo: Ron Mader, Posing with Boris Melissa Biggs … Recent presentationsPolíticas públicas y cocinas tradicionales en MéxicoA buen hambre no hay mal pan: el bolillo, el birote y el gusto FlickrPhotosAbout [email protected]_b – Lists YouTube Cruzando fronteras: ingredientes, platillos, memoria Photos Elsewhere @utexasHI Places Spirit Animals

Michel Serres

Image, Claudio, Talk on Michel Serres’ Great Story – Sketchnotes Wikipedia: Michel Serres (September 1, 1930 – June 1, 2019) was a French philosopher, theorist and writer. His works are notable for discussing subjects like death, angels, and time. They are also noted for incorporating prose and multifaceted perspectives. Serres had a unique approach to …

Tim Burford

Tim Burford is a hiking guide and author of guidebooks – most recently the Bradt Travel Guides to Uruguay and Georgia. Key Links Elsewhere on the Web Amazon.com

David G. Schwartz

Twitter Avatar Spotlight on David G. Schwartz, Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs at University of Nevada Las Vegas. He has written seven and edited four books in his area of specialty, gaming history, and serves on several state and local groups, including the Nevada Gaming Policy Committee and the advisory boards of the Museum …


Baby = a very young child, especially one newly or recently born Recommended ListeningWhat do fossils, babies and Einstein tell us about the way our brains have evolved? – Renowned paleo-anthropologist Dean Falk on how the evolution of our brains led to the emergence of language, music, analytical thinking, and warfare in humans.

Erica Fischer

Twitter Avatar Elsewhere on the Web: Erica Fischer Twitter account features maps, data visualization, failed transportation plans of the past, history of technology, computers, pedestrianism, and misspelled street signs. Flickr includes the classic Locals and Tourists album (with nearly 1 million views). Key[email protected][email protected] HeadlinesInfographic of the Day: Using Flickr Geotags to Map …


Poster: GSFC, Earth Selfie (Some rights reserved) Humanity = People Also see: humankind QuotesWe made a mistake when we decided to see humans as some kind of evolutionary apex rather than as one of the youngest and most inexperienced species to join the community of life. We have more to learn from others about how …